Yeast Beta Glucan is a ‘biological response modifier’ by enhancing the activity of the immune system. Its function has been proved in a variety of research.

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Key factors that affect the quality of beta glucans


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When looking for high-quality beta glucans with immune health benefits,we need to ensure the ingredient is stable and efficacious.
Yeast beta glucan is a well-researched and scientifically proven efficacious ingredient that nutritionally potentiates and modulates the immune system.
A well-developed understanding of an ingredient’s biological activity is a key to high-quality beta glucans.
But What are some of the aspects that play a role in the quality of yeast beta glucan? We will talk about it in detail in this article.

Some key factors that play an important role in the quality of a beta glucan

Some of the important aspects of ensuring that a beta glucan is of high quality are understanding the ingredient’s stability, its manufacturing processes, and how it impacts its biological activity. It’s also essential to know how its efficacy is measured and defined.

Ingredient stability is important.

Difference Between Beta Glucan and AHCC

Two aspects we need to concerns about the ingredient stability because:
Some active ingredients may affect the finished product stability, causing ingredients to bind to other ingredients or precipitate out of the solution.
The manufacturing process of beta glucans may significantly impact the potency of the functional ingredient and its health benefits.

Manufacturing processes impact the biological activity of an ingredient.

Different sources of beta glucan may lead to a unique structure (e.g., molecular backbone and level of branching), which affects its biological activity. Take baker’s yeast beta glucans as an example, which are extracted from yeast cell walls. Certain strains have demonstrated immune health benefits, which a variety of research has supported.
The structure may be impacted by the manufacturing processing methods used to extract the beta glucans.
The ß-1,3 1,6 glucan structure is a key linked to the health benefit for supporting the immune system. If the structure is destroyed or altered during the manufacturing process, that may lead to the loss of efficacy or measurable immune health benefits.

Not all beta glucan are equal.

Because not all beta glucan sources are linked to immune health benefits, knowledge of strain sources and clinical research are essential to understanding their benefits. A variety of research supporting a beta glucan’s biological activity must be specific to the yeast strain and the source of the beta glucan. That is why we need to know to ensure efficacy.

Immune system

How to find a supplier of high-quality yeast beta glucan?

When sourcing yeast beta glucan for immunity-supporting products, Manufacturers should look for a clinically proven, well-characterized ingredient. Characterization allows measurement and standardization, which is required for the source and strain of the beta glucan, manufacturing consistency, stability, and mechanism of action. A poorly characterized ingredient could result in many problems, so standardizing safe, efficacious, and safe is a must.
Finally, ensure appropriate analytical methods are available to quantify the active ingredient present in the finished product post-processing and during testing.

Hiyeast is a comprehensive manufacturer of yeast beta glucan

Hiyeast beta glucan is a highly purified yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. Hiyeast beta glucan is extracted from a proprietary strain-Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker’s yeast). A variety of animal tests that support Hiyeast beta glucan have confirmed the safety and efficacy of this immune health ingredient. Research shows Hiyeast is highly effective for nutritional use in functional foods, beverages, and supplements and demonstrates health benefits.
For more information, please consult from hiyeast teams.

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