3 Reasons Why Use Yeast Beta Glucan in Fish Nutrition

The animal protein industry has exponentially grown, and intensive production practices cause unavoidable stress to the animals as a result of confinement, transport and handling. Stress generates a physiological condition characterized by suppressed immunity, and consequently, higher disease susceptibility. Yeast Beta Glucan in Aquaculture In aquaculture, in particular, fish are not easily observed by the […]

Why can yeast beta-glucans help your immune system?

Our body’s immune system is the army that protects us against any attack. On the other hand, antibodies are the proteins that our body generates to protect us and keep our defenses in good condition for a while. Finally, there is a more primitive but equally effective immune system, the so-called innate immune system. It is […]

Yeast Cell Wall & Yeast Beta Glucan: Relation, Function, Implication and More

Introduction Yeast beta-glucan and Yeast Cell Wall (YCW) are two additives from yeast that could provide Polysaccharides in Feed. They are yeast derivatives to improve animal performance, and there are different confusing concepts between them.  In this article, beta-glucans and YCW will be put together to discuss their relation, function, and usage in the field […]

Benefits of Using Purified Beta Glucans

Purified Beta Glucan has a strong modulating effect on the immune system, making the animal more resistant to health problems. The use of purified Beta glucan in animal feed reduces mortality and improves the response after vaccination. If you type the word “Beta Glucans” in Google, in 1 second you will find more than 1.3 […]

Key factors that affect the quality of beta glucans

When looking for high-quality beta glucans with immune health benefits,we need to ensure the ingredient is stable and efficacious.Yeast beta glucan is a well-researched and scientifically proven efficacious ingredient that nutritionally potentiates and modulates the immune system.A well-developed understanding of an ingredient’s biological activity is a key to high-quality beta glucans.But What are some of […]

Beta glucan V.S. Beta glucanase

What is beta glucan? Beta-glucans (β-glucans) are bioactive compounds extracted from yeast and certain fungi, and seaweeds. They are known as immunomodulatory elements. In other words, they help the immune system become “smarter” by optimizing its ability to recognize and attack toxic elements and even cancer cells. What is beta glucanase? Beta-Glucanase is an enzyme […]

What is the Difference Between Beta Glucan and AHCC?

Difference Between Beta Glucan and AHCC

Beta-glucan and the AHCC are popular supplements used for boosting the immune system. These supplements are often used with other medical treatments to enhance the efficiency of therapies in treating disease. Many articles published on beta-glucan and AHCC show its significance in the activation of immune responses. The beta-glucan and AHCC helps in the fight […]

The uses of beta-glucan in cosmetics


Do you know the properties of beta-glucan (β-glucan) for skincare? Behind this name, we find a polysaccharide or carbohydrate formed by the union of several glucose molecules. Beta-glucans are part of the cell walls of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae, and cereals such as oats. They are biologically active, increase the immune defense of the host. They have a protective […]

How is Yeast Beta Glucan Been Made?

How is Yeast Beta Glucan Been Made?

β-glucan, homopolymers of glucose, are found abundantly in various microorganisms, mushrooms, and plants. These β-glucan are of the high value of attention because of their bioactivity and medicinal benefits. Multiple studies show that β-glucan have the potential to enhance the immune system. However, the β-glucan from different sources have different modulating effects. It depends upon […]

How to check the quality of yeast beta-glucan?

yeast beta glucan

The beta-glucan derived from different sources have different molecular structures, which result in different immune activities. For example, the yeast beta1,3/1,6-D-glucanase has a unique molecular structure, especially the ratio of beta-1,6-glycosidic bonds to the total number of glycosidic bonds. This molecular structure makes it easy to recognized quickly by immune cell receptors, which results in […]