3 Reasons Why Use Yeast Beta Glucan in Fish Nutrition

The animal protein industry has exponentially grown, and intensive production practices cause unavoidable stress to the animals as a result of confinement, transport and handling. Stress generates a physiological condition characterized by suppressed immunity, and consequently, higher disease susceptibility. Yeast Beta Glucan in Aquaculture In aquaculture, in particular, fish are not easily observed by the […]

Yeast Cell Wall & Yeast Beta Glucan: Relation, Function, Implication and More

Introduction Yeast beta-glucan and Yeast Cell Wall (YCW) are two additives from yeast that could provide Polysaccharides in Feed. They are yeast derivatives to improve animal performance, and there are different confusing concepts between them.  In this article, beta-glucans and YCW will be put together to discuss their relation, function, and usage in the field […]

Yeast beta β-glucans in Animal health

Yeast products in feed additives and ingredients

Keywords: Yeast β-glucans, Animal immunity, β-glucans feeds, antibiotic alternatives, Ruminants The livestock industry or local dairy farmers are looking for alternatives to the use of antibiotics. They are searching for supplements to enhance growth, performance, and animal health. Generally, livestock producers use antibiotics to minimize the impact of these diseases on animals. However, antibiotic use […]